Reprocessing of old & acquisition of new seismic data

Reprocessing of 12,500 kms of modern 2D seismic is under way since July 2017 and the first data will be available in September 2017. According to the agreement between HHRM and PGS, the objective is to complete reprocessing by June 2018. The pre-stack time migration of the fast track priority lines from South of Crete will be available in September 2017 and the pre-stack depth migration versions of these lines will be available in January 2018. Advances in wave field separation and new de-multiple processes together with the depth migration are expected to bring significant enhancements to the data.

HHRM is evaluating the acquisition of a 3D survey of up to 2,000 on the eastern slope of the carbonate platform in the northern Ionian Sea. Reprocessing of the 2D lines will increase the geological understanding of the area which will assist in the planning of a 3D survey over this area. In addition, HHRM is planning to acquire an infill 2D survey south of Crete with optimized line orientation and an infill 2D acquisition south of Peloponnese, a total up to 4,000 km. Both surveys are subject to industry prefunding.

Seismic 2017 PGS Seismic image 2013 17 PGS

Fig. 1. Map of the MC2D-GRE2012 survey in blue that served for the division of blocks during the 2014 bid round.

Fig. 2. MC2D-GRE2012_L2007 PSTM stack and reprocessed PSDM stack result.